About Us


At Markham & Associates, we believe that the way we do business sets us apart. We are professionals who care about you and your project. Customer service matters to us, so you’ll get to know us as we map out the details of any project. We stay right there with you through installation, and we follow up after a project is finished. Our three decades of experience give us real expertise into how to design the highest-grade solar management systems that shape environments to create comfortable working or living spaces.

We work directly with architects, designers, electrical engineers and developers, as well as with general contractors and individual home owners to develop customized solar control solutions. Our preferred vendors include Mecho, Lutron, Somfy, Hunter Douglas, Draper and Levelor.

Our certifications include Mecho (Controls Project Management), Lutron (Designing Daylight Control Systems) and Hunter Douglas (Certified Installer).

In addition to any manufacturer’s warranty, we offer a one-year warranty of our own on the work we do for you. We ensure that every person you work with from Markham & Associates is our employee.

We respect the spaces in which we work and the people with whom we work. We look forward to meeting you.